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Bend power development can exhibit economy
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Establish 100 million yuan meeting to exhibit fund of venture capital investment, to can exhibit an enterprise to offer financing is mixed do exhibit assure; Year income ten million yuan the innovation that can exhibit an enterprise to still can obtain 1 million yuan dedicates award. Recently, music river new developed area published a series of privilege to give aid to measure, support can postpone economic development, make contribution to make Xi'an into regional international exhibition center.

Music river new developed area establishs Xi'an music river to be able to exhibit course of study to develop a service center, fulfil office of one hall type, assistance does exhibit an enterprise to deal with examine and approve formalities. They set, the meeting that every registers inside the area postpones a business, year business income exceeds 10 million yuan, since the day that registers oneself inside 5 years according to turnover 5.5% offer finance subsidy, can obtain industry of culture of Xi'an music river to invest (group) the poineering contribution award that limited company establishs, top award amount is 1 million yuan.

Music river international can exhibit a company declare at customs to can exhibit an enterprise offer, railroad is carried wait for relevant service, offer those who exhibit meeting site freely to assemble and unassemble, carry wait for a service, still establish amount to exhibit fund of venture capital investment for 100 million yuan meeting. Every holds in music river international exhibition center all sorts of large exhibit meeting, exhibit of more than 1000 above, uniform the 50% collection field that presses standard field rent charge hires cost, commercial advertisement is released freely in Xi'an mainstream media, exhibit an organizing committee freely to offer spot office place and establishment to do.

Music river new developed area is returned will domestic and international to introducing famous exhibit meeting and brand to exhibit the person that meet to give award. To the relevant service such as meal, hotel, advertisement, content shedding the enterprise gives fixed capital support and corporeal award. Music river new developed area still will establish a talent to groom base, groom freely to can postpone a business into the area of all kinds professional. Build can exhibit library of industrial person with ability, avoid receive the special service that can extend a person with ability charge and groom charge.