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How does the enterprise let postpone action of meeting play sale
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The enterprise exhibits meeting, ginseng to whether attending can bring what profit to the enterprise, how should make full use of the information that can exhibit transmission company, how to go out with stage contest with formidable opponent wait for a series of problems heart impeach be puzzled. This was involved how to let postpone meeting play action truly.

To postponing meeting sale plan, there are two kinds of disparate viewpoints and practice commonly in the enterprise: Some enterprises, include a few well-known large companies of domestic, still cannot break away from the sale management of extensive type, often brash accept a challenge, exhibit meeting sale job to lack specific aim, constituent plan still stays in imitate level, the sale with distinctive to oneself brand color, distinctive lack advocates the thorough research and development that waits for a respect and innovation; Another kind of enterprise is in exhibit rigor was made inside the earlier time before can attending, slashing even exhibit what meeting sale plans to coach its work to begin. But fall in most circumstance, original plan job and exhibit tide of demand of the actual condition of the meeting, consumption, society to be out of line, the effect that exhibits meeting place generation consequently also called a discount greatly. Postpone meeting sale due without play the reason of action basically centers in the following respects: Above all, lack scientific and effective sale work program. Face items to be exhibited variously meeting, fail to choose right among them timely, measurable match with company sale plan exhibit meeting, blind ginseng is exhibited.

Next, lack strategical program, regard a kind of routine work as to treat the job that postpones meeting sale merely. Be exhibited to join and join exhibit. What is joining the ultimate goal that exhibit? Exhibit what information should disseminate on the meeting? How to attract target audience? How to win out the transmission of adversary? All have not development goes considering.

The 3rd, in organizing a plan to postpone the process of the meeting, the company is interior decision-making managing layer and between executive layer, enterprise and outside assist the lack is good communication between the unit, cause the error that organizes understanding of existence of means, purpose to go up to postponing conference plan severally. For example culture of the product that the enterprise is about to extend, brand and the pattern that extend organization of a built style, activity are out of line.

Finally, making estimated at the same time overmeasure the redound that exhibits meeting result. Cause exhibit meeting investment and yield proportional not harmonious. Latter home is exhibited can appear a kind of tendency- - exhibit a stage to build, mobile organization is begged blindly big, beg luxurious, and the expressional effect that oversight exhibits meeting activity itself.

Watch the company that exhibits meeting sale job to be done more outstandingly instead, always a few general character exist. The first pace plans to reach sale goal according to the development of the company namely, the advantage resource to the enterprise (product, information, technology, service) or demand undertakes an analysis, later again pour singles timely suit one exhibit meeting promotion, consider resource from concoctive angle again finally how defeat sb by a surprise action. For example, exposition of dress of dress of China International of the 12nd Beijing (CHIC2004) go up, men's clothing of Fujian seven card adopts form of this one party, fetched huge gain. Examine the whole process that its organize: The culture of oneself of brand of union of second half of the year appealed to seven card 2003 beg research and development to give “ China to stand get product of ” series innovation, right other already some products undertook culture outspread, realized marrow of Chinese traditional culture and fashionable perfect confluence. In the meantime, what have Chinese traditional culture to let more people understand is brand-new seven card, when formulate sale extends a plan, seven card chose exceptionally grand occasion, Asia's most large-scale CHIC to regard promotion as agency; Considering how from powerful competitive team (Europe exhibits round, Wen Zhou to exhibit a group) in show itself, how to attract a target to suffer numerous when, seven card overturns the gimmick that all previous ginseng exhibits an enterprise to apply- - dimensions Europeanize of big, style, it is better to chose the place but the area is not large exhibit, hit the theme of ” of “ fashionable China. No matter be in beauty of brand promotion, brand praise spend the respect such as business of promotion, action, all obtained very right result, accomplished beautiful little money truly, handle a major issue.
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