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Prevent to enter the 4 big errors that show course of study
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Since reforming and opening, our country exhibits course of study to serve as a brand-new industry, already obtained swift and violent development. However, because show course of study,also be a young burgeoning industry, on behavioral mechanism lack has manage and unified guiding, very immature still, can consult without off-the-peg law, code carry out, caused various exhibition good and evil people mixed up, the good and bad are intermingled, because this also brought many negative effects, contused the ginseng of a few manufacturers exhibits enthusiasm, rotted reputation of whole exhibition industry, also restricted the healthy progress that shows course of study. As a whole, at present Chinese inland exhibits course of study to existing the following ” of error of 4 big “ .
One of errors: A few exhibition sponsor unit drape oneself in the flag to impress people, with person of name word bluff.
Of the error: Reverse is causal, exaggerated its demit ground undertakes advertisement is publicized.
Of the error: A few exhibition the name nots agree with solid, of chaotic as “ hodgepodge ” .
Of the error: The commodity in the exhibition hall is put without foreword, spread out as the ground desultorily.
Want to expand exhibition line of business, cannot be absorbed in at the moment interest, do “ only ” of one hammer buying and selling, in the end bites off own head, the loss outweights the gain.