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Exhibit a design a lunar month of 29 days to discuss
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Every exhibit meeting end, can one batch decorates those who get beautiful Huan of United States annulus to exhibit in weak point ” of crumble of the “ inside a few hours. Exhibit bigger, beautiful Qian Yue is much, waste is more serious. If want to reduce waste, the control, cost that reduces an exhibition to decorate, be about to consider from the following respects:
One, structural design is rigorous, make exhibit potential energy to be used repeatedly
The exhibition decorates the actor bad that devises plan, perfect with “ function commonly, figure distinctive ” regards outstanding, modelling as judge standard, but “ structure design is clever, exhibit potential energy relapses and using ” newlier also is the important facet that exhibits furnish plan. Just think, an estate company may want every year to attend “ spring hand in harbor of meeting ” , “ to hand in meeting ” , “ autumn hand in meeting ” , “ to live make 4 meeting ” , exhibitions, if appreciably notices, can save how many silver!
2, anthology decorate material to be able to save a province
The exhibition decorates unlike communal decorate and the family decorates same requirement wear, also not quite the construction quality issue that because time and seasonal change place are caused,considers. Exhibiting the target of outfit is ” of effect of outstanding below the premise that assures safety “ . In crucial position, if stream of people connects the place that path, person contacts to reach,tower exhibit a stage to wait, should add thick material to come consolidate, and joint-stock, homebred data is used in minor place, this also can say is ” of employ of “ capacity ability.
3, consider to help somebody attain his aim beforehand, in avoiding construction, deviate
If lack cloth to exhibit experience, so exhibit probably in cloth be kept constantly on the run for small error inside time, change the programme of construction for big mistake. Some ginseng exhibit business to ask to add an item between cloth exhibition period, such is about that work overtime. Perhaps join the field that exhibits business not to care to increase to hire the overtime of gold and worker, but join if be in with construction company beforehand,postpone business many bits of time communicates design and construction respect, not only but resource conservation, still establish a ginseng to exhibit business and high quality of construction company “ , efficient the figure of ” .